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Gonna Be a Good Morning, Energy Boost Banana Smoothie

The banana smoothie is an all-time favorite! This recipe switches it up a nutritious notch by using only dairy free, vegan ingredients.

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The energy boost comes in the form of LSA which is a combination of linseed (flaxseeds), sunflower seeds and almonds. LSA is incredibly rich in fiber and essential vitamins and minerals and give the banana smoothie some added texture and a nice nutty taste.

 No need for liquid sweeteners either, as the medjool dates are a wonderful sweetening agent. 

Medjool dates are nature’s answer to caramel, and satisfyingly sweeten this banana smoothie. Also by not  over-blitzing you’ll be rewarded with a sweet, chewy surprise at the bottom of the glass.

However, it’s the warmth from the spices, the cinnamon and nutmeg which evoke the senses with a nourishing hug.

Smoothie Pro-Tips

Here’s a couple of pro-tips to making the best ever banana smoothie.

Stock up on frozen fruit: When you’re next at the green grocer keep an eye out for bargains on over-ripe fruit. You’ll notice over-ripe fruit provide a greater depth of flavor in drinks and cooking.

Stock up on sweet leftovers: After baking there’s usually scatterings of tasty little tidbits. Like when you’ve baked a yummy healthy vegan slice like this Medjool Date Slice with Quinoa and Cashew Nuts. Don’t throw any tasty morsels away. Simply place in a jar or bag and store in the fridge or freezer. This little stash of goodies is the perfect way to add a surprise to any sweet treat.

Chill out: Ever paid for a smoothie and been disappointed because it’s been warm? It’s as if the milk was left sitting on the counter, probably next to the coffee machine. So make sure any liquids are icy cold and refreshing. 

Ice-Ice-Baby: On those super hot days or when you’re hanging out for a killer banana smoothie, throw in a few ice-cubes and blitz away!

Presentation please: Finally all that’s left to do for for a special touch is use a chilled glass which has been rimmed with maple syrup and freshly grated nutmeg….absolute bliss!

Banana Smoothie Super Boost

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Recipe by Hayley Ellis Course: Drinks, Smoothies and Juices


Prep time




  • 1 cup banana, chopped and frozen

  • 1 cup plant based milk, suggest almond or coconut milk

  • 1 pitted medjool date

  • 2 tbsp coconut yoghurt

  • 1 tbsp LSA

  • 2 tsp Maple syrup (for the glass)

  • 1 tsp Cinnamon and / or nutmeg


  • Simply add all ingredients a high speed blender and blitz away.

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